Continuous Soffit Vents

Humans are not designed to live in a vacuum, or even in isolation. They need to connect to the outside world in order to communicate, and to keep their mental health and well being.

You can’t survive without good access to fresh air, water and a basic necessity. These three things form the basis of our living. We all need these basics for survival. So you’ll need to keep your home safe and protected to make sure they stay accessible to you. Whether you’re buying or renting a home, it’s important to have enough ventilation to ensure you get fresh, clean air. There are a few ways to achieve this, including the use of vents, fans, or other air circulation equipment in each room. We offer a variety of continuous soffit vents. Some of the most common include plastic or aluminum soffit vents. We’re available to work with you to determine the right style for your home. Continuous soffit vents are available in aluminum or PVC and are about 5 x 96 cm long. These provide 9 square inches of net clearance per foot of stroke. These are ideal for newly constructed buildups.

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The continuous soffit vent has a special construction which means that they are more durable than traditional soffit vents, but still provide a very good degree of ventilation. They work by filling in the gap between the soffit and the ceiling with a strip vent that won’t work to stop the airflow, but results in more ventilation per square inch. Soffit Repair Today is a company that specializes in designing continuous soffit vents that provide the most cost-effective, permanent, rust-free solution for ventilating ceilings.

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