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We are your local soffit repair experts offering a variety of services to all of our customers.

Soffit repair is a quick and easy way to update your home. We will bring professional quality materials to your home to install your soffits in a few hours.

When you need soffit repair, we know you’re busy. That’s why we offer a “no hassle” service. We have a fully trained crew who will come to your house within a week and will do all the work.

We also offer installation services for soffits and fascia. These are the areas of your roof that look like a little overhang. When you install soffits, fascia and cornices on your home, you create a beautiful home. You can choose from a wide variety of finishes and colors to enhance the look of your home.

What Is Soffit And Fascia?

Soffit is the portion of the fascia, that lies over the outside roof structure. When the fascia and soffit are finished and painted, they give the appearance of a flat roof.

Fascia is the outside part of the roof sheathing. It provides protection from the elements and allows insulation.

Benefits Of Soffit And Fascia

Soffit and fascia are the hidden areas of your roof. There are so many benefits of having them properly installed. Here are some reasons why they are beneficial:

Improves Roof Appearance

Soffit and fascia are the first things people see when they walk up to your roof. By using a good quality material such as copper or zinc fascia and soffit, it will improve the look of your roof and make it look more attractive. Copper fascia and soffit are both low maintenance and very durable. They will also last for a long time. If you do not have a lot of sun exposure, then you probably do not need to install soffit and fascia. However, if you live in a region where there is a lot of sun, then installing soffit and fascia is a great idea. It will increase the heat retention of your roof and reduce the chance of ice dams forming.

Reduces Heat Gain

Installing soffit and fascia on your roof will reduce heat gain. This will help you save money on your air conditioning bills during the hot summer months. You will be able to stay cooler and save money on your energy bill too.

Increases Roof Life

If you already have shingles on your roof, then you are in luck. They are already designed to withstand wind and rain. Your roof is very important, but so is your gutters and downspouts. If you have any damage or leaks to your gutters or downspouts, it will only cause more problems. When you install soffit and fascia on your roof, it will extend the life of your roof and make it last longer. The longer your roof lasts, the less you will have to spend on repairs.

Decreases Property Value

Homeowners with soffit and fascia on their roofs have more money in their pocket and a higher property value. This is because the roof looks better and more attractive. Your house will be a lot more appealing to potential buyers, which will increase the chance that you will sell it.

How Soffit And Fascia Gets Damaged

Soffit and fascia is a major part of the building envelope, which is made up of roof, walls, windows, doors, gutters, and flashing. It covers the outside walls and is attached to the roof rafters. It is made from the same material as the roof, but it is a lighter and more flexible material than roofing. This material is also designed to keep rain water and snow from accumulating.

Soffit and fascia has the same functions as a roof, but in this case, the material is located at the roof line. The roof and the wall are connected through a roofing membrane. The roof is supported by the building structure, while the soffit and fascia is a separate surface that protects the building from rain, snow, ice, and wind.

As a result, soffit and fascia is exposed to extreme temperatures, weather elements, and sun damage. The roofing and exterior building materials are susceptible to sun damage, especially after prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation. There is a chance that soffit and fascia will get damaged due to extreme weather conditions, such as high winds and severe rain. This is the reason why it is important to look after soffit and fascia properly to avoid any unwanted damages.

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* We can take care of any roofing project, large or small

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Soffit And Fascia Installation Pitsburg, OH

We specialize in all aspects of fascia and soffit installation and repairs. We install soffit and fascia systems to give your home a new look, eliminate hot spots, reduce energy bills, and even add value to your home.

We specialize in residential and commercial Soffit and Fascia installations, we also install Siding. If you’re looking for a Soffit and Fascia installation company in Pitsburg, OH, give us a call.

We have a skilled and experienced team of installers that will be able to get the job done right the first time.

Soffit And Fascia Replacement Pitsburg, OH

We are your one stop shop for soffit and fascia replacement in Pitsburg, Ohio. We have been helping homeowners with soffit and fascia issues for the past 10 years. With all of the repairs and replacement jobs we have performed we have developed a reputation for quality service and workmanship.

We are fully licensed and insured and always give a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We take pride in our work and want you to be completely satisfied with it.

Aluminum Soffit Repair Pitsburg, OH

We offer aluminum soffit repair in Pitsburg and other cities throughout the state of Ohio. Our aluminum soffit repair company offers quality products and service. We are committed to providing the highest quality of service in the roofing repair industry.

We’re a licensed and insured aluminum soffit and fascia repair contractor that offers affordable, quality soffit and fascia repairs in the area.

At Soffit Repair Today our experts will be able to take care of all your soffit and fascia repair needs. Our goal is to provide quality aluminum soffit and fascia repair at a competitive price.


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