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We’re pleased to announce that we now offer fascia repair and installation services in Youngstown, Ohio. As we’ve told you before, fascia isn’t as easy as it seems; sometimes it has to be cut out, but we’ve got the right tools to do the job right.

We are committed to making sure you get the job done right, efficiently and for the best price available. We are proud to offer our clients low-cost professional and trustworthy fascia installations as well as repair services within Youngstown, OH and we will treat every inquiry like it were our property that is being renovated.


Soffits and fascia are both parts of the roofing system. They’re typically made of metal or wood and can add anywhere from 10% to 20% to the weight of a roof. Knowing soffits and fascia can help you determine the best materials and the best installation techniques for your roof.

Fascia is the part of the house above the roof that directs water from your roof into your downspout. This is the area where the drain for your home is placed.

The soffits are the parts of the roof that run along the top of your home and which you may or may not be able to see if you go outside on your front porch and look up. While they could help keep your home cooler during the summer, they’re actually designed to be vents. That’s because it’s possible that heat rises, but it’s also possible that warm air sinks.

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The fascia is a hidden element in your home. It controls all the water that runs through your home and keeps the flow of water off your roof. It is designed to keep rain from rushing through your home and down onto your yard.

If the flashing on your gutter is damaged, it may not protect your roof from water damage. When it rains, water can seep into your roof and cause damage to your fascia. This can be a big problem, especially if the fascia is damaged and can’t support itself.

Soffits are also vulnerable to water damage. Snow and ice accumulate on the roof’s underside and can cause staining, warping, and insect infestation. The warm, dry conditions in the soffit can also attract birds, who may then build their nests there.


Cracks : Your next-door neighbors might not be thrilled with your new roof, but if there’s a chance your roof could leak, it could do damage to the soffits, fascia and other areas of your house. Your home needs to be protected from leaks, so think about what would be best for your home – and your budget.

Pests : Pests around your home are not only creepy, but can also cause damage. The soffits and fascia of your home act as barriers to keep these pests out. If you notice insects gathering near your house, it could be a sign that there is an issue with your soffits or fascia.

Asbestos : If you’re noticing asbestos in the insulation around your attic, it could be a sign of an asbestos fire hazard. Not only is asbestos dangerous, but it’s a fire hazard as well. If you don’t get rid of it right away, you could face serious legal consequences.

Leaking Water : Leaking water from the soffit or fascia is a problem because it can cause harm to your home and can cause great inconvenience to your family. Damage can occur if water damage remains unchecked and causes structural damage.

If you notice an unusual odor coming from your attic, don’t just assume it’s a result of the warmer summer months. You should check out your soffits and fascia for debris that might be causing a buildup of moisture. Debris can obstruct airflow, causing condensation to build up inside your roof space.

So if you’re starting to sweat, maybe due to noticing these problems on your fascia or soffit, take a deep breath. Soffit Repair Today can help. We’re roofers with extensive experience in every kind of roofing repair, and we’ve got the equipment and tools to get the job done right. Call us today.


Our many years of experience give us the ability to take away the old siding that has already started to rot and replace it with stunning, high-end lumber. We begin by taking away the old siding that has already begun to rot and replace it with stunning, high-end lumber. We’ll replace the siding, reseal the wood and seal any cracks or gaps in the house with caulk. We’ll eliminate the possibility of bugs or water getting through the siding. After everything has been installed and tested, we will then seal the cracks and seams with caulk. We’ll then give your home a complete overhaul and make sure all the nooks and crannies are covered with paint to make it look brand new.


When it comes to the replacement of soffits and fascia, we have what it takes to do a quick, easy and cost-effective job. If you need a facelift on your home, office, or commercial space, let us help you keep the elements out. We’re ready to protect your space and ensure the longevity of your project.


An aluminum soffit repair is a great way to protect your home and make sure that your roof stays safe from the elements. They can also add years of life to your fascia and gutters. It’s a smart solution that should help you save money by extending the life of your house.


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